Sanders Down! Sutton's worth

ROS in full ppr. Sutton or DJ Moore

Wondering the same but for LaCosse. I need TE help, currently own Uzomah - only have Ian Thomas, Herndon, Engram, Dan Arnold, Jhonnu & Watson on waivers - gross - Bye week helps me but I need to set myself up for next week

Ahhhh, I didn’t see that he got injured in practice before reading this. I really only have 2 WRs, Thielen and Sanders. Now I have no idea what to do to fill Sanders spot. Seems like he won’t be playing. Looks like the best options I have available on waivers still are Dante Pettis or Zay Jones…

I think Sutton with the increased targets will be fine

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Pettis for sure, Sanders is done, torn achilles

Can he relied upon as a depth guy over Moore? Another way to ask is: Would you rather play against Moore or Sutton?

Yeah, I guess Pettis looks like the best option. I do have Anthony Miller on my bench, but he hasn’t been doing much the last two games.

Miller isn’t bad, Mitch is supposed to come back this week.

Yeah, I saw that about Mitch. Pettis has been getting more targets and Denver will be without Chris Harris, and Miller is going up against the Rams.

Sanders going down, does this mean Lacosse will get more attention? I dropped him and of course this had to happen.

Keenum has developed a rapport with his TE as the season has gone on. Given the situation at WR, it wouldn’t suprise me if lacosse takes on the de-facto wr2 roll in passing game

worth picking up LaCosse and dropping Uzomah?

I would say so. I personally cool on all bengals this week. week 15+ mixon should be flexworthy. boyd as well.

I have a bye so i’m looking at week 15 and 16. Both Cinn and Den face Oakland and Cleveland week 15 & 16. Now it’s a matter of who will outproduce who

Lacosse over Uzoma for sure then.