Sanders, Henry, Vikings 20 pts

Standard scoring* I need Sanders, Henry and the Vikings D to get me 20 points tonight. Someone please tell me this is likely to happen. In hindsight, I wish I streamed a different D but I got cocky after Hill’s performance on Thursday - really thought I had this week in the bag…

lucky you, i do think this is possible. sanders is not going up against anything crazy tough to beat. same for henry. the vikings D has a tough task ahead, but they are up to the challenge. the only thing that has me worried for you, is if they go all gates this weekend and ignore henry. besides that i think you will be fine.

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That’s reassuring. Between Sanders and Keenan against the Bronco’s D it was kind of an obvious choice. Just hope Sanders gets me 12+, I think I’ll break 20 if he does.