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Sanders or Juju ROS?


Which player would you rather have for the rest of the season? Emmanuel Sanders or Juju


I’d rather have JuJu partly because his playoff matchups look juicy. But he’s also in a way better offense that should only get better when Bell gets back. Sanders has good looking playoff matchups too but I’ll take JuJu’s upside over him.
Week 14-16 Oak, NE, NO.


Depending on what happens with Bell when he returns and his usage in the passing game could make this closer but I lean JuJu as well here. Better schedule, better QB and will never see the top coverage with AB there and Bell back will take targets you’d think but he also gives defenses yet another guy to think about leaving JuJu one on one most of the time - i’ll take that plus his TD upside is more than Sanders in my view