Sanders or Kamara... Who is the bigger risk?

I have to decide between Keepers… Kamara as a 2nd round pick or Sanders as my 7th round pick. Both have HUGE question marks. Who do I take???

seeing as how they both have question marks, just take the one with the bigger value and get Sanders. Then use your 1st on an RB1

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Thanks… I wish the keeper deadline was a few days later to see how this plays out… but I have been leaning towards risk aversion

kamara for sure. starting left tackle just got hurt for the eagles and now there is already reports of carson wentz having small injuries in camp. if wentz goes out teams will stack the box against sanders IMO. Kamara will play week 1

So you think I should keep Kamara?

kamara yes sorry

Got it! Thanks for the advice!

I second Kamara. Also a possibility of Eagles picking up Fournette. Just sayin’…

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If its a keeper, definitely take Kamara. If drafting, value is something to consider.

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Keeper league, you have to go with Sanders in the 7th. If Kamara costs you a 2nd, can you even keep him for next year let alone longer than that? Sanders gives you way better value this year and can most likely keep him again moving forward.

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