Sanders Value, M. Thomas trade

I got offered M. Thomas for Sanders and Golloday… Should I do this? Sanders has been a beast so far but I just find it hard to trust hin

This is PPR…

Sanders gets enough targets to continue producing.
I would likely take this trade though as there is a possibility that Sanders is traded. One week til trade deadline and if he is moved anywhere he loses rest of season value. I’m about to personally start doing my research now to see just how likely a trade popping up before the 31st is.

I don’t think Sanders would be traded. Its more likely that DT gets traded

I might hold out to see what else you could get. Trading Michael Thomas for those two just seems like something you might regret down the line.

I’d be getting M. Thomas! Would you rather trade Sanders and Golloday for Thomas or K Allen and Golloday for Thomas PPR

Depends on what else you have at WR but I’d personally do the Sanders and Golladay trade for Thomas.

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got offered something similar but in reverse. I would send Sanders and Chubb for Thomas. Is that overpaying?