Sanders vs Diggs

I have wide receivers of Emmanuel Sanders, Stefon Diggs, Robert Woods, and Chris Godwin. I’m thinking of for sure starting Godwin and Woods but am trying to decide if I should have Diggs or Sanders as my flex.

whats your RB’s look like that could compete for the flex spot?

If those are the two choices i like Sanders for the flex. Need to see more from Cousins before i start trusting Diggs

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RB’s are Saquon, James Connor (those two are starting), Lindsay, and Miles Sanders (on my bench)

@levi_viss out of those then yes i would say Manny Sanders

possible help with mine
Possible trade with Woods/Lindsey for

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Sanders, I think he a locked and loaded top end WR2 with top 10 WR upside. He’s a freak of nature coming back from the achilles 9 months ago!

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Thanks guys yeah I think I’ll go with Sanders. Him and Joe Flacco seem to have a much better connection than Cousins and Diggs