Sanu or Coutee

Who’s the better waiver pickup?

Curious about this one myself. PPR here. Thanks for posting this @nbreiily14. Also wondering about Lockett and Ekeler. Right at the moment seriously thinking about dropping Stills for one of them.

I have Stills too and have considered the same. I had J. Ajayi so I have an opening in my roster, just not sure who is the better pick in the long run.

Pretty even in my eyes. Sanu probably better floor. Coutee maybe better ceiling. Sanu on better offense though so I’d lean to sanu slightly if you just need those 7-8 points per week out of that WR3/flex spot.

Stills should’ve been dropped weeks ago in favor of lockett and ekeler. In full PPR of the 2, I’d say go Ekeler. I was wrong about him. He seems to be more involved in the offense than I had thought and way more than last year. He gets enough work to be flex consideration.

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@MikeMeUpp . Yeah…Ekeler would be my first choice as well since I’m really needing to fortify my RB arena. Thanks buddy!!!

Who do you like better - Coutee or Goodwin?

Goodwin as in marqise goodwin? Goodwin is not worth rostering in a Beathard led offense. Definitely Coutee.

would you waste a 4th overall waiver wire pick or would you hold out for something better? I do not think Goodwin is anything special but I figured we haven’t seen his target share when back

Just said Goodwin isn’t worth rostering. Last year with Beathard, he was invisible. Only piece worth owning on 49ers right now is kittle. I wouldn’t use any waiver priority on him. Bet you he makes it to FA.

Was asking about 4th overall on Keke do you love me Coutee. I passed on Coutee and held my waiver position - now have 3rd. I might as well pull the trigger on someone since the guys in 1 and 2 are going to hold until a big name drops.

Oh okay sorry about that. Couldn’t tell what you were referring to.

Depends on your team man. If you’re pretty stacked and looking for a high upside, burning 3rd on Coutee isn’t bad. I’m still uncertain regarding how involved he will be going forward though. Was fuller limited last week cause of ham or was it cause they wanted to get coutee the ball? Remains to be seen. But 3rd priority is fine to use if you need the WR help.

Sanu over Ridley?