Sanu or westbrook

Pick up Sanu vs Tampa or westbrook vs Dallas

Sanu for sure. Can’t trust the snake and Dallas has one of the best pass D’s in the league.

Ryan at home vs one of the leagues worst pass defenses is going to put up points. Sanu is also a legit red zone threat and I’d say his chances of scoring a TD are much higher than Westbrook.

The reason I’m considering westbrook too is because they are horrible against slot receivers

TB is horrible against everyone. And Atlanta D also sucks so you know buccs will be putting up points. Can’t say the same about Dallas. I’d be shocked if that game had more than 40 points total. Both elite defenses, both trash QBs. You’re basically banking on DeDe breaking a 50 yard TD. Don’t need to rely on that for sanu.

That is very

Very True thanks for the help