Sanu over Sutton. Am i crazy?

Deep bench 16-team league, 0-3 and yahoo is giving me 30% chance to win this week. I already have royce freeman on my line up(coleman/mostert are on bye so i have to play him as my flex).

I could bench sutton for Sanu and hope for a good game, or bench royce freeman and put sanu over him on my flex.
I really dont want do play 2 broncos against that jacksonville defense…

Any tips?

bump for help

titans defense has been solid too so sanu isnt a great option, plus hes playing behind julio, ridley, and hooper. I don’t see him having a big week this week.

Jags d could cause issues for Sutton too. In a 16 team league it could be a matchup winner if you’re right. I’d go Sutton just because he should have a bigger target share. But Sanu could be sneaky.

I feel like the Titans defense is more respectable than Jacksonville’s of late… and you’re contemplating a 1st option vs a 4th option receiver… the Jags play a lot of zone this year for whatever reason so it’s not like Ramsey’s going to suffocate him