Saquan down! Would you accept these trades?

Its a full PPR league and I NEED a new RB in place of saquon. My WRs for trade are:

Juju S.S.
Stefon Diggs

There is another team in my league that needs a WR and has:


How would you guys approach this trade?

Try selling high on Diggs

I agree with Matthew.

I would try to sell high on Diggs for Ekeler and WR2 value.

Ive thought that, the only reason i hesitated is because i have josh allen as my QB in this league… does that change your outlook at all?

Even with Allen as your starting QB, there will be games will Brown is the WR1 and Diggs takes a back seat. I do not see any of the other Cardnal WRs taking away from Nuke each week.

Another downside of having a QB/WR combo is you will be hurting on their bye week scrambling to replace 2 players (possibly more with multiple same byes) instead of just 1.