Saquan for bell?

Would you trade saquan and wane gallman for laveon bell or Julio Jones or sit tight and wait it out. My running back core is ok

Getting Bell seems pretty good. Getting targets and is really the only thing in that offense.

Depends on your situation. If you need wins you might have to do this. If you think you can afford to wait then I would

I would rather have Julio than Bell. The Jets offense is trash.

My team is 3-0 but I’m project to lose this week. Love Julio but jets played 3 decent defenses with the patriots, browns and buffalo. He still put up 20 plus in 2 of the 3 without Sam. He will be back from kissing dirty bitches lol and 7 out of the the 10 left games are a cake walk including a decent playoff schedule. My other running backs are David Johnson, Melvin Gordon and ekeler. I traded for johnson after his slow week

Personally I think you can wait for Barkley to return

Do you think he will be good when he returns or do you think it will be a lingering problem?

That’s true but Bell is practically in the same situation as the Giants. Not a lot of amazing weapons to throw to and defenses will try to stop the run. Bell plays the rest of the year (after this week) while you gotta wait at least 4 weeks plus his bye week.

The situation is similar for sure but Barkley is on another level talent wise in my opinion. Since he can most likely afford to wait for him, I would do that. Just my opinion

I mean I’m certainly no doctor but I would think he’ll be good to go when he returns. He won’t come back until he’s ready.

Most gifted athletically I agree. But when it comes to pure running ability he, CMC, Zeke, Gurley (healthy) are all top tier in their own way. All different styles, all pretty darn good.

And that could be drawn out since winning really isn’t a goal this year. Idk I like to see value now. Plus he could have 3 RBs that will dominate touches for a while. Then the transition period in between Gordon to Ekeler could be a couple weeks to get to RB 1 status again.

It’s all about the playoffs for me. You have to make sure you can get there, obviously, but he’s in a good position right now. Barkley, DJ, & Gordon on a playoff roster would be hard to beat.

All are great points but just the sound of Barkley, Gordon, and Johnson sounds amazing I think I will wait it out. how bout adding Hopkins and Watson to the list! Lol

That’s true but starting week five its possible it could just be DJ for sure. Melvin will probably be like Elliot getting eased back in. Be limited touches. He and Ekeler could split carries a couple of weeks. Then Bell is for the playoffs too. He’s got a great RoS schedule

Personally I’d have zero worries about Gordon’s workload. Anthony Lynn said Gordon will be limited this week, but when he starts again he will be the guy. 8 weeks is a long time to wait for sure. Depends on how risk averse you are

Mclaurin and Waller are gone for Saquon trade will go threw tomorrow morning

I still think ekeler will be used a lot in the passing game . I think that will be both on the field do to lack pass catchers

Your roster is so deep I wouldn’t be thinking twice about waiting on Saquon