Saquan for cook trade

I am in a 10 team full ppr league that we can keep 6 players eventually turning into a dynasty. I have dalvin cook and Antonio Gibson as my rbs, I just got a trade offer for Barkley for cook. Should I accept the trade or not. Thank you foot clan

Your not gaining a lot (Cook in his 5th year, Barkley in his 4th year). It isn’t a bad dynasty trade. Are you in the running to win this year? Is the other person in the running to win and is trying to do this to put them over the top? I would try to get another piece or a draft pick (mid to late round).

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We are both 1-3 but I feel I am a contender and he is not

I feel like you arent gaining a lot. I would stay with Cook unless you get a few pieces along with Barkley.

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Can you trade Cook for Saquon + a future draft pick? If the other guy initiated the trade request and really wants Cook, try to see how much you can get