Saquan, watkins for michael thomas? In FULL PPR league

I already have Barkley, McCaffrey, Howard, Kerryon, Peterson for RB’s…
My WR’s are… Jarvis, Callaway, Kupp, Sammy, Davis

I would be receiving Michael in this deal… Do i do it or no?

That is a tough one. McCaffrey and Howard are solid weekly starters and Kerryon has the potential to become that. I don’t have much faith that Peterson can maintain his current pace. On the other hand, Jarvis and Kupp are solid receivers, but Callaway is TBD. It’s just really hard to part with someone like Barkley that has so much potential and involvement with the offense. Thomas is a great receiver but typically RB are harder to come by and WR are easier to replace off the waiver wire.

You’re giving up too much. I wouldn’t trade Barkley for Thomas straight up and you’re throwing in someone else

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If your trying to trade Barkley just wait one week he should blow up this week. Making his value go up. But I agree your giving up way too much

Nooooo. Keep slayquon, his value alone is higher than MT’s, I would couple kerryon with a wr and look elsewhere, maybe for someone like sanders.

Saquon’s value is far too high due to positional scarcity that even if Thomas doesn’t come back down to earth (and he will), it’s still a loss of production considering who you’d be plugging in for Barkley. Stick with the stud.