Saquon and AJ for Fournette, Adams and Thompson

Got offered the Fournette side of this equation. Rest of my team shakes out like this:
RB: Hyde, Powell, Michel, Montgomery
WR: Landry, Cole, Callaway, Cobb, Lockett

It’s a 1RB league, FYI. Would you make this trade?

I think I would make this trade.fournettes harmstring scares me though.

That’s my thing too. It’s been an issue for him in HS, college and now the pros.

The other guy also has Melvin and TY Hilton. I’ve considered Saquon and Melvin for those two, but I doubt he’ll go for it.

It’s a 1RB league? I def wouldn’t want to lose AJ and your other WR’s are strong, and I’d rather have/start Saquon over those two RB’s anyway. I wouldn’t do this as I think you are downgrading all around, personally.

@falcones404 what do you think about Saquon and AJ for Melvin and TY? I’m worried about the Giants line holding Saquon back

He hasn’t been held back much so far. He’ll get touches no matter what (unless the Giants decide to turn it in for the season and protect him/shut him down - I don’t see that happening in the very near-term or at all, necessarily). And I really don’t like losing AJ. I don’t think this is good for you.

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Cool. Thanks for the advice.

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