Saquon and Fitzgerald for my A.B?

Got offered saquon barkley and larry fitzgerald for Antonio Brown.
He has Keenan Allen, should I try to get him and saquon? is it worth giving up brown?

I’d take Barkley over brown straight swap
I’m new tho !

What does your full roster look like?

QB. P mahomes and D Watson
RB. L fournette joe Mixon AP Lamar Miller tj yeldon
WR. AB devante Adam’s Kenny golladay Alshon Jeffery keelan Cole sammy Watkins robert woods marquise goodwin
TE. Jimmy Graham

Never give up AB. Unless you’re desperate due to injuries. Then you gotta get maximum value. Perennial top receiver has to demand that price. Barkley on the Giants? No thanks. Larry on the Cardz? Hard pass, sorry Ballers but the OC and OL aren’t promising. Keenan Allen and Saqoun interests me but for AB I’d want two 1’s or I wouldn’t sell. AB could put up 40points any game. Not many players can do that especially outside QBs.

No chance I’m taking that. Try to get Allen and throw in a piece as well

I think in years past, I’d be right on board with the “keep AB at all costs” train. but i’m seeing juju get a good amount of targets and AB screaming at the coaches and skipping practice. but i think the argument that wins the day is that you’re set on RB, but giving away your one WR stud, and fitz is not a good swap. if you can get Allen, then maybe, but i still think you hold on to AB just because you don’t have enough WR depth

I think you will see a lot this week as the squeaky wheel gets the grease a lot of times, so if he goes off this week then all is normal. I may worry if he doesn’t

This is a good point. We’ve seen this specifically with AB before and he always has a blow up game after, so if it doesn’t happen for him this week then I might become a little concerned

Thanks guys I decided to hold onto AB i guess both my starting RBs are coming back soon so I will just wait it out.