Saquon and jacobs

Trade jacobs and a 1st for saquon and a 2nd? He’s hurting at rb. I have eckler, kamara, javonte, and Jamaal Williams.

Assuming this is a keeper league, you already have 2 first round RBs. I would take that if you can keep traded players.

ooof this is rough. On paper this seems like a good deal, but I’ve personally been avoiding Barkley everywhere this season (interestingly someone put him on the trade block this morning in a league where I have Jacobs). I just feel like so much has to go right for him: he has to heal back to 100% while avoiding aggravation or re-injury, and that offense just seems so hopeless I can’t see many game scripts going in his favor. Jacobs may not have as much of a ceiling but he’s looking like a pretty reliable starter right now. I wouldn’t blame you at all for taking this trade, but my gut says don’t do it.

For what it’s worth (probably not much). I’m in a 12-team league with 10 orthopaedic surgeons. Not one of them wanted Saquon this year solely based on his injury. They don’t think he has recovered nor will he recover completely this season. Given his injuries over the past 2 seasons, who knows how he’ll fair until then.

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Does it change things being dynasty?

My dynasty league allows us to keep traded players. My keeper league allows us to keep 2 players we drafted (lose the pick from the round they were drafted).

Yeah we can keep traded players and no penalty. I was just thinking he may not produce as much this year, but possibly late this year or next?

In that case I would consider it. He’s an injury risk for sure but Jacobs is still in a timeshare and I suspect most first round picks in your dynasty league would be middle-tier players or rookies anyway. So not much of a drop off or risk to waiting a round.