Saquon Barkley - 1.01

Footclan! I’m trying to improve my RB1 spot, and am curious what an acceptable offer for the 1.01 would be. If I offered a 1.07 and 1.08 rookie draft picks, would that be enough? Should I include my 2019 first rounder as well?

Thanks in advance.

A guy in my league offered the 1.10 and 1.09 as well as Allen Robinson to get it in our league. I don’t think 1.07 and 1.08 would do it but if you wait till the draft and see where Guice, Ronald Jones and Sony Michel land, maybe try to target picks 2-4

Dude I’m getting ready to offer 3 first round picks next year (mine + 2 acquired in trades) for the 1.01 this year. If you can get away with only giving up 1.07, 1.08 and a first next year, that’s a steal in my opinion.

@Naptiva @ty_nagy

Thanks guys. Here’s the series of trades that I had lined up to acquire an extra first. And the offer the 1.01 owner gave me! What are your thoughts? It’s quite the overhaul. He did retract the offer for the 1.01, but I have a feeling that’s what he’s looking for and I can always counter.

Trade 1:

I’d receive Landry, Freeman, 2018 1.05
I’d trade away Hopkins, Ajayi

Trade 2:

I’d receive 1.01 (Barkley), 2019 2nd
I’d trade away C McCaffrey, 1.08, 2.05, 2019 first

Not as thrilled with trade 1. Never like giving up the best player in the trade in hopkins.

Trade 2 is an automatic do it for me.

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Even if I lose McCaffrey in the process? He retracted the offer, I’m not sure why. As far as trade 1 goes, the only reason I’d do that is so that I can acquire a second first rounder for 2018… And maybe keep McCaffrey in a different package for the 1.01 (something like two 2018 1st and one 2019 first).

I would do 1. Yeah Hopkins is a beast and it would suck to give him up but you’re getting two top ten guys at their position, a pick with decent potential and you’re giving up an RB in a shared backfield.

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Thanks Ty. Appreciate the advice. That was my thought process as well. Landry is younger than Hopkins (by months), and could land with a better QB. The extra first round pick, which is a high mid first rounder, would potentially help me acquire the 1.01. I’d have a core of Barkley, Freeman, Landry, AJ Green.

Barkley is better than McAfreey so that’s a no brainer. If you’re able to work out a different package to keep mcaffrey than I would go that route.

I dont see Landry as a top ten guy, honestly. He catches balls but he’s never been a huge TD guy and this year he caught 100 passes and didn’t hit 1000 yards (if memory serves) which is crazy. I prefer hopkins to freeman anyday and in a dynasty format, Hopkins has more time on his side.

There is no way I would do the first trade, and I love both Landry and Freeman. Hopkins is an entirely different level of player. I would want more.

The 2nd trade is a no brainer for me (probably why he withdrew it).

@Naptiva @DFWB I agree that the Barkley trade should have been a no brainier. I’m new to dynasty and hesitated because of all the picks I was going to give up, plus CMC. It may be too late now!

A core of Barkley, Hopkins and Green is fairly solid. I think the reason I’m convincing myself that the first trade is even is because of 1) the extra first rounder 2) I’m not as high on Ajayi. I’d rather have Freeman over Ajayi, but I’d downgrade from Hopkins to Landry. How much of a downgrade that is, I’m not sure! Age-wise… Both are turning 26, so youth isn’t an isssue.

So the way I look at it, only the top 6 picks of a rookie draft are valuable. Usually anyone after that is a crap shoot, so I view drafts picks on a much lower basis than normal picks or players. If your team is pretty solid, I’d rather guarantee myself a solid player like barkley then a no name player yet to be drafted.

Personally Landry is a big downgrade from Hopkins. In a full PPR it’s a little better, but remember that Hopkins has been consistently one of the highest targeted players in the league each year. The ball is forcefed to him.

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