Saquon Barkley: Am I Crazy?

Obviously he’s going to be a huge workhorse, but am I crazy for thinking he’s not such a sure thing like everyone seems to think? I think there is a decent chance he has a sophomore season like Todd Gurley, where he’ll consistently face 8 men in the box and defenses will dare Eli to beat them. I personally think CMac is much safer and offers a similar upside. Thoughts?

No you’re not crazy. It’s definitely not the most ideal situation in New York - especially with OBJ gone. But their Oline looks to be a bit better this year with zeitler coming in from cleveland, engram is still a weapon, and eventually this offense should open up. I certainly don’t see it being as bad as Arizona last year, and we’re talking about pure talent here - Saquon will be fed, and his big play ability helps smoothen out those 2-3 yard runs in between.

Report came out yesterday that Panthers want to limit CMCs usage near goalline and short yardage situations - take it for what you will, I personally don’t think it’s going to have much impact, but I doubt they’ll be using CMC as much as they did last year. He’ll have a ton of touches but the other weapons in moore olsen samuel and cam himself could eat into the work a little.

Both are great picks, neither that I’m overly in love with.

There are plenty of scenarios that play out where Saquon doesn’t live up to his draft spot.

You’re not crazy, dude. I’d be taking Zeke at 1 if there wasn’t serious danger of a prolonged holdout.

But I think Quon’s a surer thing than CMc and Kamara. It’s him, Engram, and Shepard. He’s gonna get plenty of touches and he’ll know what to do with them when he gets 'em.