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Saquon Barkley, Keenan Allen, Travis Kelce for, Melvin Gordon, Odell Beckham, Jordan Reed, Julian Edelman


My buddy sent me this trade and I’m on the fence… I’m 1-3 but score second most points in the league… should I do it? Ik have saquon, Keenan and Travis.


Pretty even trade but give me the Gordon + OBJ side.

Love both OBJ and Allen and they’re both due for positive regression but OBJ is the better floor and higher ceiling.

Gordon > Barkley for me right now by a pretty wide margin. Better offense, higher TD upside and just as much receiving game work.

Kelce > Reed obviously but Reed when healthy is a stud and he’s been healthy all year no issues and is now coming off a bye week.

Edelman is cool but I’d rather have a John Brown or Aaron Jones in his place. If he has either of those dudes on his team, i’d take that instead. Golladay is another good one. As a pats fan, i love edelman but i divorce emotion from fantasy. Fact is dude hasn’t played a snap since 2016. There’s going to be rust involved and hes 32.

EDIT: All of the above assumes half ppr btw.


So I got the trade and I got offered Dalvin Cook for Edelman right after thoughts???


No because I don’t like owning handcuffs in redraft leagues until its closer to play offs. Edel is at least a potential starter you can play week to week. In no world are you starting both ekeler and Gordon on a given week. So if Gordon remains healthy, you just have a wasted bench spot.