Saquon Barkley - Tyreek Hill (Dynasty trade)

Hey guys!

First post as I am torn on a trade. Standard scoring 12 team league. Start 3 Wrs, 2 rbs and 1 flex.

#1 dynasty pick ie Barkley

Tyreek Hill
#3 pick ( Guice/Michel is who I’d select here)

My current team:

Rb: David Johnson, Mixon, D’onta Foreman, Peyton Barber

WR: Tyreek Hill, Demaryius Thomas, JuJu, Marquise Goodwin, Garcon, Kelen Cole

Opportunity to have the far and away best rb core in the league with DJ, Barkely, Mixon is very appealing but wr’s are pretty weak and I love the upside of Hill as he grows with Mahomes. What say you footclan?

I would prefer Michel and Hill over Barkley in your scenario for dynasty.

Damn, that’s a pretty heavy price to pay for Barkley but would be open to it. I actually like hill a lot but Watkins coming in means his target share is going to definitely go down. Too many mouths to feed + new QB and new offense.

Barkley is a shoein for 300 touches at the RB position.

After you make this trade, you have absolute studs at RB but you will be very thin at WR so you’re going to have to out and get someone. I would try and see if you can get some draft capital back in this trade. Maybe a 2nd/3rd next year. And then I would go out and try and trade Mixon for a more solid WR.

Agreed. I iniatilly floated him giving me a 2nd but I think he thought I meant for this year(the 2.1) and declined. I agree that Tyreek will likely see reduced target share and the crazy long distance TD 's will have to come down as well but long term once he figures out how to be a better redzone threat that makes him incredibly enticing.

If I can get him to do a future 2nd I think I’ll do it. JuJu and DT should be pretty safe wr2 and one of Goodwin/Garcon will be wr2/wr3. If one of them starts hot or if D’onta can stay off pup and take over as Texans starter maybe can flip with the 2nd i pick up for a stronger WR ?

Tyreek hill will never be a redzone threat. He’s not that guy. Of his TDs last year, none of them came within like 20-30 yards. I don’t think he’ll ever be that and that is why they brought in Watkins. Watkins is a stud in the redzone. Whether its short passes to him in space or just passing it to him in traffic, he’s actually had success there.

If you can get a 2nd back, I would def do the deal. TBH, JuJu hype is getting a bit out of hand. Was he superb in his rookie year? Definitely. But I don’t think you can just write off Washington coming in and stepping into the Bryant role. As we’ve seen. Steelers love getting their rookies the ball and Washington def has the talent to be that deep ball guy. He’s also great off the line in press so I’d see him eating into the target share a bit. DT is also 30 years old and no telling where he will end up next year. And I am totally out on Garcon. Meh on Goodwin. I think you’re looking at a WR3 there. Not to mention 49ers have an absolutely horrible schedule to kick it off. If i were you, i’d rather be proactive and go out immediately looking for WR upgrades, even before this deal is confirmed. Cause TBH, i don’t feel great about having Hill as the WR1 either. Regardless of whether or not you do the deal, you need help at WR. Better to be proactive than to wait around until your desperate cause by then, other teams will know it and charge you a premium.