Saquon dropped in my league

Saquon was just dropped in my league. Our league has a one keeper rule where players picked up off of waivers can be kept the next year for $10 out of our $200 budget. We have an IR spot but I would need to first drop a player in order to roster Barkley, then add to IR. Outlook on a potential stash? Who would you drop in order to slip him into IR? How much FAAB to secure? My team below…

QB: Josh Allen,
RB: Kamara, Jacobs, Sanders, Mostert (D), Gibson,
WR: Golladay (Q), Moore, Gallup, Slayton, Jeudy,
TE: Cook

I would drop Cook and pickup another TE after stashing Saquon on IR.
I don’t know how much your league values keepers vs. playing for this year but I would probably spend 25~30%?
I also wouldn’t break the bank and hurt your chances this year so maybe look at the league’s rosters, see if anyone is also in a situation like yourself and predict how much they might spend.


I appreciate the input - didnt even think to drop Cook for some reason but that seems like the most solid option. This is our first year with keepers so it’s new for us all, will be interesting to see. I think the drop already signals not much value, at least from one leaguemate. But to me, being able to keep Saquon next year for $10 is unbelievable value.