Saquon for AB?

If you were stacked at RB and weak at WR, would you trade your Saquon for AB? Starting team is QB,WR,WR,RB,RB,TE,FLEX

My team:
Cam Newton

John Brown
Marvin Jones
Tyler Lockett
Jermaine Kearse

Saquon Barkley
Leonard Fournette
Dalvin Cook
Kerryon Johnson
Matt Breida
Royce Freeman
Isaiah Crowell

Trey Burton

No. I would not do it if PPR. Work the waiver wire for a WR, some decent pickups still out there. If Amari gets traded try and get him. He’s going to have success on another team. If he goes to Dallas, Jags, Browns he’s going to be gold.

Agree with @EconoTeam and i wouldn’t say you are stacked on RBs right now. Fournette and Cook aren’t playing and may still not play for another week or more. Johnson just isn’t breaking free form that time share so he and rest are matchup plays or flex starters .

I’d play the wire for WR for now, when and if Fournette and Cook get back and give you three weekly starters at RB putting up RB1 and RB2 numbers then you will be stacked at RB and can look to move for an upgrade at WR but i’d hold for now until you have the trade power to be honest

You are not at all stacked at RB. You have a lot of depth. Saquan is your only every week matchup proof starter.

Your WRs are struggling for sure but you should be trading away your other depth pieces to get WR, not barkley.

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Thanks footclan!