Saquon for Adams and bell

I was wondering if I should offer Davante Adams and Lev Bell, hunt, or Gibson for Barkley. Its a full PPR league.

My Teams:
QB: Lamar
RB: Zeke, Hunt, Bell, Gibson, Mattison, Pollard, ANd Josh Kelly
WR: Adams, Hollywood Brown, Edelman, Deebo, and Djax
TE: Goedert

If you were to do it, I would offer Adams + Bell.

However, with your roster currently I wouldn’t be willing to sell Adams with your WR depth looking like that.

Honestly i don’t think you can afford to sell Adams with the rest of your WR depth. I think Brown, Edleman, and even Deebo all can make great WR2’s, but none of them are a true WR1. you have plenty of RB depth, if anything you could try and flip Bell into like a Woods or Kupp or DJ moore and have an even better WR2 and roll with either Hunt or Kelly in that RB2 role. You could also target the Cook owner and offer up Mattinson+Bell for whatever his current RB2 is if you truly feel like you need a better RB2

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I don’t think you have the WR depth to make that trade. If anything I would see if you can flip a guy like Bell and a WR like Brown to add a high end WR, or Hunt and Brown for a high upside WR and a better RB. Long story short, I’d be nervous losing Adams and have any of those guys be my 1.