Saquon for Chubb?

With Barkley maybe returning sooner rather than later would you trade away Chubb for Saquon?

My other RBs are Fournette David Johnson McCoy Hunt and Samuels

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I would only consider this if you’ve started very well (somewhere in the 3-1 range).

Chubb is still great, and will continue to be all season long.


I would be trading Chubb for Saquon personally.

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@timothy_joshuaroyal @GCH would you keep Chubb and trade Fournette and Gordon for Tyreek and Mixon?

My WRs are Hopkins Gordon Golden Tate Alshon and McLaurin

No I’d rather have Fournette and Gordon and stash a NE receiver in case something goes down with Gordon

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Of the WRs and RBs I listed which 1 or 2 would you trade for Hill? @timothy_joshuaroyal

Gordon or Alshon with Tate I guess