Saquon for Ekeler?

My Saquon for their Ekeler. My RBs are weak and want help to win now.

RBs are Carson, D. Freeman, P. Barber. Non-PPR

I was thinking of offering that in my league. I’m the ekeler owner, have Chubb and cook also. I felt it was too much to give I want to win now and not down the road, if saquon comes back in 8 weeks right before playoffs. Gordon is rumored to come back early but he’s not going to get 80%+ if snaps. They can win without Gordon.

Ya…I think it’s a fair-ish trade. It was offered to me and I was not at all considering it, but now…lol don’t know what to do.

I think if/when Gordon comes back ekeler will still be a RB2/flex play and the split will be more 50/50. Not sure if they would put them in together and also who would get the goaline work