Saquon for Godwin + 1.11

12 team .5 PPR league

Was offered Godwin + 1.11 for Saquon.

Current RB/WR corp:

RB: Saquon, Mostert, Freeman, Miller, Brieda, Bernard
WR: AJG, Hollywood Brown, Anderson, Pettis, AB, Allison, Auden Tate

As you can see, it’s a wasteland. Currently have the 1.01. Definitely feel like the offer could be more, but just wanted your guys’ opinions, given my team situation.

No way … worth much more

Plus you have a bigger need at RB

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I agree, if you take the trade then you’d likely be looking at Taylor (or Swift/Dobbins if you lean that way) as your #1 back and then uh, not a great RB2 any way you slice it. Whereas with Saquon and the 1.01, you can either take Taylor and have a solid pair of RBs or go a WR and have a more balanced lineup.

Easy. No. You have a glaring need for a reliable RB2. Although, I love Godwin. See if you can counter with this:

Saquan, Freeman
Godwin, his 1st round pick and his RB 2. If he declines, oh well

Not a chance. I think Saquon will be the #1 player next year