Saquon for.. PPR

Posted a question about a potential Saquon deal a couple days ago that got good traction and was very helpful, but the deal unfortunately fell through.

THAT SAID! Would you make the following move? (Roster listed underneath the deal):

Saquon Barkley RB NYG
Josh Gordon WR SEA
John Brown WR MIA

Leonard Fournette RB JAX OR Chris Carson RB SEA
Odell Beckham Jr WR CLE
Miles Sanders RB PHI

ROSTER(post trade)
QB - Lamar
RB - Cook, Mattison, Singletary, Michel, Fournette, M. Sanders
WR - Kupp, OBJ, E. Sanders, Crowder, AJ Green, Fuller
TE - Kelce, R. Griffin (for Kelce’s BYE next week)

i think saquon for Fournette is fine.

Brown for beckham id take brown more consistent

Gordon and sanders - wouldn’t want either,

So would see this is an upgrade at RB (as crazy as that sounds) and a downgrade at WR with upside. IDK if that helps but i think i would probably make the deal.

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