Saquon news update?

Saquon got hurt in practice on Monday and since then I haven’t been able to find any information at all about how he’s doing. I’m drafting 3rd tomorrow in my money league and I need to know if I should be skipping him if he comes to me!

Anyone? Halp!

Saquon is a freak, he had a high ankle sprain last year and came back early from it (which is unheard of) and still produced, if he is on the board grab him

The worry is his injury last season though. If he exacerbated his ankle, it’s likely he could miss time again and realistically, he’s already got a bit of an injury history. It’s the same reason why I can’t take Dalvin Cook in the first round, because I don’t believe he’s going to give me 15 games.

Honestly, the most concerning issue is that NOBODY is talking about it. I hunted down ny beat reporters and none of them have anything to say about him so far. That tells me the team isn’t telling them anything and the most likely reason is that they’re worried

Where did you get the info about an injury in the first place?