Saquon or Leonard Fournette

This is a choice I’ve found myself making a lot in mid to late first rounds of mocks. This is in a scenario where Gurley, DJ, Leveon, Zeke, AB, Melvin, and Kamara are gone. Which are you going with and why?

Barkley, he’s gonna catch a lot more passes and I’ve been able to grab Saquon and fournette in the next round several times this year. Idk if you’ll be as lucky but still Saquon

My brain is telling me Saquon but my gut is telling me Fournette. Coming from a die hard Panthers fan, I worry Mike Shula is awful enough to mess up a talent as elite as Saquon. Hopefully talent and volume alone will overcome the horrid play calling the Giants are about to endure.

His talent is hard to deny, especially when you hear Jason talk about his sparq scores. I believe in taking Barkley late if you can and then using the next pick on another “saddleable” pick.

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Saquon all day!!

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Any kind of PPR or half PPR I’d take Saquon, standard it’s closer and depending on what i’m likey to get on the return round. Having seen Bortles look awful again I think Fournette will see constant stacked boxes again whereas Saquon has help from OBJ and co keeping defenders honest - if Eli still has it! So i guess i’m Saquon too!

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I am 48 hours away from the decision. It’s a keeper league and it looks like I will be choosing between fournette or saquon. I already have Melvin. Is it still an easy pick to take saquon? .5 ppr

I’m taking Saquon, regardless of format. Any PPR or half ppr just makes it even easier for me.

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Yeah…Saquon here, too.

And I hope I’m right; I own him in both leagues I’m in!

Pairing him with Gordon will make you tough to beat, I think.

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I hope you’re right buddy cause it’s looking like I will have this pairing in 3 of 4 leagues with 2 drafts remaining haha.

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Fournette for me. He will be getting more receptions that last year. A lot more. The OL is intact and has improved. The GL runs are also a given.

Based on…what exactly? Both grant and yeldon are better pass catchers, specifically yeldon who showed he was more than competent last year as the 3rd down / change of pace back. I love fournette for other reasons, mainly that he lost weight which will hopefully put less pressure on his ankles and let him play a full season but this narrative is based on fiction.

Agree with @MikeMeUpp. Receptions are actually why I like Saquon more, not Fournette. I think I would take Saquon regardless of format but even more so in a half or full PPR league

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Coach said Fournette will be more involved in passing. PS game he had 3 receptions in one game. He will get more receptions, GL runs a given. Barkley, way more talent around him. I think it’s a draw. I give a slight edge to Fournette but it’s close for me. Also, most RB’s improve their 2nd year. Too much known vs unknown for me. I always take the known in these calls but I would have no issue with either. Both are elite.

I’ve already posted my pro-Saquon stance.

But let’s be clear about a few things regarding their abilities as pass catchers:

Last year, Fournette caught 36 balls on 48 targets, for 1 TD (Yeldon caught 30 on 41 targets for no TD’s). It’s notable that in 2016, Yeldon caught 50 balls, so it’s no accident that his pass catching totals took a noticeable dip with Fournette’s arrival.

Also notable: pass-catching RB phenom David Johnson had 36 catches in his rookie year (on 51 targets). And the scouting knock on him was the same as the knock on Fournette: that he couldn’t catch passes. We all know what happened for dJ the next year (80 catches).

I’m not saying Fournette will catch 80 balls this year; but after each’s rookie year, DJ and Fournette were identical. So if you want to argue that Fournette is going to flower as a pass catcher, that’s one way to make that argument.

However, while Fournette is certainly not the limited, ground-only guy that people make him out to be, he’s also no Alvin Kamara.

And more to the point of this thread, he is not Saquon, either.

Saquon will be all over the field. He should see about 80-100 targets and somewhere around 250-270 carries (on the conservative side).

Fournette will have a similar carry total, but even if his target total goes up, it won’t hit the 80–100 mark.

This is part of the reason why Saquon is the guy, not Fournette…

This might mean something if DJ started all 16 games. Those were his numbers when he only started from week 13 onwards lol. These are not even remotely comparable.

Good point on yeldon though, maybe equal to Fournette from a pass catching perspective. Although the targets FOurnette will see will still be capped by his presence.

The other issue here is that DJ became a pass catcher out of necessity. That team had no weapons and Arians schemed the plays and designed routes with DJ as the first look. The chances of that happening in JAX are slim to none.

Then that would be the first time a coach lied about a players involvement in the offence…

I think some of the points @saturnismine would be more relevant but end of the day, it’s not even remotely close between Barkley and Fournette when it comes to passing game. Barkley will easily double both his targets and catches and go for higher YPC.

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Thanks Mike. :+1:

I definitely could’ve been more concise in my DJ / Fournette comparison; my main point holds, though: both were rookie RBs who did not have pass catching as part of their scouting reports coming out of college; one of them became an elite pass catching back. So depending on what happens around Fournette, it’s not impossible that necessities could thrust him into the passing game this year. I think he did enough to make his coaches confident in continuing to develop that part of his game.

Still…that’s a huge IF, not to be counted on.

like you, I take Saquon over Fournette…without hesitation.

I will double down on Fournette. He is a beast and absolutely can catch if given the chance. His lines are also soo much better. Better OL means more space. Better D means more chances to pound it in their face. None of that going on with the Giants.