Saquon or Melvin with the 1.08?!

I just traded up so now I have the 6th pick overall (A. Brown) AND the 8th overall(saquon or Melvin Gordon). Standard scoring format. Who to take and why?

to me Melvin is Safer, but Barkley is an unkown with #1 upside. If your gonna get AB at 6 i would take the risk on Barkley!

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I’m taking Saquon cause I think his ceiling is higher. But they are both great picks and I wouldn’t fight you if you took Gordon.

Personally, Saquon is my 1.06 and Gordon is tail end of my 1st round because I think he’s going to see about 350 touches and is a lethal receiver out of the backfield.

I think talent wise, he is better than Gordon and I like Shurm as the play caller. Worked wonders with Dalvin COok last year and that was with a worse Oline and a less talented RB.

And personally, I do like to chase those league winning ceilings with my 1st round picks without sacrificing too much on the risk side. And you already have AB who provides a great floor. If Saquon hits, you are in league winning contention depending on what else you gave up to get that pick. Gordon is def the safer play though.

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