Saquon or Zeke?

I’m drafting in a .5 PPR league tonight with the 2nd pick. I was going to take Saquon but saw the Footballers changed their rankings to have Zeke 2nd behind CMC. I had Zeke last year in a different league and do like him as a player in general, but any thoughts on this?

The Cowboys offense is going to provide Zeke more touchdown opportunity that the Giants will provide Saquan, but the fact that Saquan is pretty much the backbone of the Giants offense offsets that. I really don’t think you could go wrong with either.

Who did you end up getting?

Well, I majorly screwed up this one. They changed the draft a couple days ago to random picked an hour before, so I got 4th pick not the 2nd I was planning for. I also noticed a couple of hours before the draft that this league is IDP… would not have played if I knew that. IDP kind of screwed me up drafting. Not the best draft. 4th was a tough spot, my other drafts I was 1 and 8. Anyway, thanks for responding and my team is attached, first pick was Dalvin Cook


Might not have gone the way you were planning, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Kyler should be your starter. Not sure what your scoring system is, but his rushing yards are $$$.

I know nothing about IDP, but I can’t imagine having Nick Bosa is a bad thing.

WR depth is solid.

Your RB depth is your weak spot. I’d drop either Brees or Tannehill and pick up a FA RB. I’d also try and package a trade that gets you one more solid RB2 w/ upside. Maybe like Chark and Gibson for Carson or something like that.

Thanks for your thoughts. I will probably play Kyler, but was thinking the 49ers D might be tough. Buccaneers vs. Saints is going to be a high scorer I think we Brees and Brady. Going to see how the week kind of goes.

What do you mean on the trade for RB2? I have Cook, Carson and Gibson. Last year I was in a similar situation with alot of injuries and basically just pulled someone off waivers, I shuffled between Michel, Mostert, and Coleman. Running backs are tough!

I meant more solid RB 2 behind Cook and Carson. Gibson has a lot of hype, and Mike is crazy about him, but none of it is proven yet.