Saquon Owners... what’re you doing?

As a Saquon Owner… not sure how much I’m going to pay up for Gallman. What do you all plan to do? Are you going all in or not? I am quite upset

Crying. We are crying.

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How are you planning to go after Gallman? He will be a rental & obviously not Saquon. I’m kinda stuck on what to do

I guess I’m waiting to see the news on Saquon before I drop a boatload of faab on Gallbladder. The giants schedule against running backs looks brutal for the next three weeks. Redskins, Vikings, Patriots.

If it’s a bad injury and he’ll be out for weeks, I’m going after Gallman. If it’s a rental, I’ll pass and hope Barkley comes back quickly.

whats the diagnosis guys! im scared :frowning:

is Gallman even decent? he seems like not worth LOL

Crying is right. . . . High ankle will be an extended absence most likely. I have him in an auction league and committed a large amount of my draft budget to Saquon and JuJu. Yikes!!

My leagues allows for FA adds after games start, dropping bench players. I added Adrian Peterson as a stream option for next week as soon as I saw the injury. He was the only starting RB available in FA at that time. Really going to be in trouble until Saquon gets back, especially if this is the best JuJu we see in 2019 as well… Almost no quality streaming RB option available in my league.

Gallman is a bum. Not sure I want to target him, but may not have many other options.

As a sqauon owner, I still don’t want Gallman LOL from what I can tell he is DOODOO… unless anyone can prove me wrong

I’m not sure that Gallman is worth picking up. He’s a strange case because he’ll have stretches where he really looks great, then follow it up with stretches where he looks below average. Part of that is also the Giants o-line. He won’t give you Saquon numbers, but I suppose in a deeper 14-16 team leagues you won’t have a choice. I just don’t want a RB in a mediocre/below average offense who’ll likely be playing from behind a lot. I guess if Daniel Jones really is that good I would change my mind on their offense though.