Saquon’s Dynasty Value

How do we approach Saquon’s Dynasty Value going forward? As the early league leader in points and a preseason favorite in the league, I still can manage a possible championship run if I play it right. Whether that’s me sending Barkley to the IR or trading him away. Already have one offer on the table of Antonio Gibson, Myles Gaskin and a 2021 1st rounder for Barkley. How do I approach the Barkley situation and his future dynasty value?
Thanks FootClan!!

I’d make that trade! I’m in the same boat, trying to move him. I’m thinking he’s injury prone.

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Yeah I ended up going ahead with it… Saquon had a dirty rookie season and since then he’s been Boom, maybe 4 games a year, or just your average RB1 or injured. Needed the RB depth to still compete for a ‘ship this season and between Gibson, who I’m pretty high on, Gaskin and the 1st rounder… good chance at least one of them turns into an RB1/fantasy asset. Figured it was worth the gamble. This was the start up season for this league and I got Barkley at the 1.05. So not overly upset, was surprised he even fell to me that far. He wasn’t even on my mind w/ that pick until he came around to me. So… is what it is.
Thanks for the input and reassurance tho.

I took Gibson a first and devante freeman

I managed to ship the first off for DJ chark so now my trade ends up being DJ chark, Gibson and freeman.

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Nice work… I’d say that’ll work. Not the biggest Chark fan so far this year yet but it’s way too early. Cole n Minshew jus have somethin goin on right now…