Saquon/ Sony for Ingram / Gurley

Trade away Saquon and Sony for Ingram / Gurley. Currently 0-3, current RB depth: Saquon, Kerryon, Sony. Also have availability to do a straight up trade for Ingram for Saquon but I don’t like that trade as much

Let me know if I should do either trade

How is your wrs depth? I like the short term with being 0-3 and saquon being out 4-8 weeks. Ingram could push you to playoffs and still be relevant.

I like this trade for you. Saquon likely out for 4 weeks at best and Sony looks like a bust this year. Ingram is hot right now and Gurley is a wildcard but worth the risk at this point.

I’d do this without much hesitation to be honest. Ingram and Kerryon will do a job for you and if Gurley hits you’ll be in far better shape. I think it’s safe to assume that Saquon will likely be out for as long as possible, the Giants have no need to risk their main superstar and franchise player.

I have Antonio Brown, Kupp, Calvin Ridley, Shepard and Golden Tate. Well AB will be dropped today lol

That’s what I was thinking as well, i also have Kareem Hunt as a Hail Mary

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I would do the trade. Kupp is doing great and other wrs are good. You’ll likely need to do a three wr lineup but that’s nothing to worry about.

I would do it. At 0-3, your season is likely over if you don’t do something to win now. Just focus on getting to the playoffs…where anything can happen. Try to win each week. If you were 3-0 or even 2-1, then I probably keep Saquon…but not in your situation…

Yeah I agree, hopefully Ingram can keep going