Saquon+T.Y Hilton for Melvin Gordon+Funchess

Not sure if I should take this offer. I would be giving up Gordon and Funchess. Not set on how productive Barkley will be.

If it were me, I’d take it… while feeling somewhat guilty.

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I’m just skeptical because there is a chance Barkley doesn’t live up to the hype whereas Melvin Gordon is a surefire bet. I already have AB and Tyreek Hill as my receivers so i’m not sure how much I would play Hilton at the flex. My RB 2 is between Marlon Mack and McKinnon so I do need help at the position.

I am not sure I totally buy into Barkley being all hype… Gordon will do what he does, 3.5 at best per carry and to be honest, I think Ekler will bite into his timeshare this year. There were troubling signs last year.

Soooooo in other words you still think that the trade is a steal for my side? I was surprised when I was offered it but then almost thought it was too good to be true since Barkley is a rookie and all that. I think I will take it but do you think I should give up Funchess or Crabtree in the trade, I am not a huge fan of either at this point although they are both #1’s for their teams.

I am new on the forum here, (been playing for 22 years though) and with that said there are some people here that know the in’s and out’s in more detail than me. I would let some of those guys come in and give you more insight than what I have to offer. I think Barkley is going to be a stud. Hilton over Funchess all day long unless Andrew Luck starts having issues.

Do it. The difference is Hilton for Funchess.


I understand that Hilton for Funchess is a total steal but I already have Ab and Tyreek Hill so I would really only play T.Y based on matchups, or possibly at the flex if Mark Ingram or Marlon Mack Really are not producing for me. Mark Ingram has the 4-game suspension but he was amazing for me last year and thats why i redrafted him for my flex this year

I still think Ekler is going to be more of a force this year in that backfield. The only thing stopping Saquon is… uh… no one.

Use Hilton for first weeks then flip him. Luck is back and he’s bound to produce.

Barkley and Gordon are interchangeable. Barkley is more talented but Gordon is arguably in a better cast of players (when OLs are factored in).

Eckler could very well eat into Gordon’s load. Gordon also gets hurt every year, which would open the door for Eckler.

I would take this trade and run. This is robbery. Easy decision.

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I would do this, HIlton for Funchess is a steal (as has been pointed out), and I think long term you’ll find that Hilton is your starter and Hill is your flex. The fact that barkley is a rookie doesn’t bother me, rookie RBs were pivotal to fantasy last year

I would take it for the TY side of it. I see pros/cons to SB and MG. Not enough to tip any scales. With that said, SB is younger and no real challenger on board. TY is IMHO absolutely better than Funchess. If Luck is remotely back to what he was, TY is where you win this trade.

For me, I would take SB and TY.

take that trade. I wouldn’t want Funchess AT ALL. Barkley looking like real deal.

Barkley v Gordon is a wash at this point, maybe with a slight edge to Gordon.

But TY is a way, way, WAY better option than the Funch.