Saquon, Taylor, or Elliott?

Which one should I pick in the middle of the first round? 10-team, half PPR, redraft.

For redraft i’d rank them as:

I have them JT, Zeke, Saquon

and of course I have them Zeke, JT, Saquon. Saquon just makes me really nervous, both with his injury history and being on a bad offense

I’ll second Zeke, JT, then Saquon.

Saquon is obviously the best player of the group, but the injury history and bad offense scares me off.

I think I might have to agree with the Zeke, JT, Saquon order, though still a tough choice. Thanks all for the help!

The injury to Nelson messes with Taylor. Saquon, Elliot, Taylor.