Saquon, Taylor, or Zeke?

Which one should I go with in the middle of the first round? 10-team, half PPR, redraft.

In .5 PPR redraft, all are good RB1s.

However, I personally would take Zeke. I know most people are down on him this year, but while Dak was playing, Zeke was the RB3. He stilled managed to be a low RB1 w/o Dak. DAL defense will be maginally improved so there will a ton of work for the offense as a whole. I look for Zeke to get back on track this year.

Saquon is coming off an ACL tear with added players to take targets away from him. In addition, Daniel “fumbles” Jones is his QB. Not trustworthy.

JT has Hines taking away precious passing work from him. Mack is also on the roster and most likely going to get some touches.

Overall, I believe all 3 can finish as RB1s, I just trust DAL offense to give Zeke consistent 18-20/game.

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@recespieces31 thanks for the help! Does the threat of Tony Pollard taking some touches scare you at all with Zeke?

Pollard will get some work, but not enough to scare me off of Zeke, imho.

Thanks for the help! If Zeke is already picked before I’m up, who would you go with next. I’m leaning more towards JT.

I personally prefer Saquon here but it’s really personal preference. I am prepared to risk his injuries but I think Taylor is the safer pick and I’d be quite happy with him.

I’d advise if you prefer Taylor go with your guy. For me I’m more troubled by mistakes when I go against my own judgement.

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