Saquon trade dynasty deal

Have an offer to get Saquon and pair him with Zeke. I would give up Brees, AB, Aaron Jones, J. Howard, T.Boyd and Njoku.

My starting lineup would be

Thoughts? To much to give up or is the finished team worth it? Mike evans is being acquired in a trade for zach ertz since I have Kittle.

Yes! Take it and run!

  • Brees is aging, will retire in the next 1-3 years, and probably wont be top 10 again.
  • AB will get great volume but I see him as OBJ on NYG- great volume, great talent, but way too bad of an offense to be top 5; plus, he only has 3 years left
  • Aaron Jones is a good young RB2; but, being in GBP, he probably won’t achieve consistent RB1 play because of the RBBC and pass happy offensive design
  • Howard is an RB for all the reasons listed under Aaron Jones but you also have to include his inability to catch and that he will most likely be on a different team at the end of the year. That will be his 3rd team in two years; so, its likely it’ll be a RBBC (think Coleman to SF)
  • Boyd is a good young WR2 but has only “done it” 1 year and has an QB who is aging and doesn’t fill up the stat book.
    -Njoku is the 3rd option passing on a good offense with a QB who likes to pass the ball around (pun intended); but, TEs don’t make or break any deal for me unless he is top 3.

So, to recap, you’re getting the best or second best young RB in football for 5 guys who have big question marks going into this year and future years. I say again, Yes! Take it and run!

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I would take the deal

You would have the top 2 RBs in the league paired with arguably one of the top WOs in the league. Take this trade and laugh at the possible dominance of the next few years.

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I would cry everytime I had to face that monster of a team, take that deal!

Trade has been altered to take away jones and add derrick henry and keenan allen. Thoughts?
Starting line up would be.
Mike evans
2 fkex of Amari, aaron jones, kerryon, guice among others