Saquon Trade Dynasty League

So I have Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, Calvin Ridley, and Cortland Sutton as my starting RBs and WRS…I got offered Dalvin Cook and TY Hilton for Barkley…should I make this trade to upgrade at WR? This is a Dynasty League

It’s close but I think I would take it. Barkley is a beast, but Cook has shown that ability also. Cook might be a higher injury risk, but he also has a better oline. Plus, you get a good WR with Hilton.

Yea…I’m also concerned as to whether or not Barkley’s ankle is actually healed fully or not…

Hah your team looks a lot like mine, except im in a 3 season keeper. Im making a championship push this year and I think Cook would have a better shot at helping me this season but I like Saquon long term. I don’t know Dynasty very well but how many good years does TY have left?