Saquon Trade input

I got offered Saquon, Juju, and Reagor for Gibson Aiyuk and Godwin, what are your guys thoughts on this, is it a good trade? I would receive Saquon and I already have Kamara

I think I would stick with what you have. Saquon is a moderate step up at RB but you are taking a pretty big step back with JuJu and Reagor.

Not for me. I think your trade partner gets all the upside in this deal and you take on all the risk but you get big names. It’s very 2000s Isiah Thomas NY Knicks for me

Barkley and Juju for Gibson and Godwin is something I’m not that keen on. Adding in Reagor for Aiyuk and it becomes easy reject in my opinion. I think your best bet is sticking with Gibson Godwin and Aiyuk

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Do you think I should accept it if I can keep Aiyuk because I believe I can keep him if I resubmit the trade

No not really. Juju doesn’t excite me this season. He could be pretty good but I’m not sure he brings enough to even out thd trade.

Trading for Barkley especially whilst already holding kamara is incredibly tempting. Potentially two top 3-5 guys but I feel to get Barkley you need to give too much and inherit too much risk.

I’m confident he will be healthy for week 1 but it’s not yet confirmed which concerns me and really makes me reluctant to move a potential rb1 in Gibson and a strong wr option of Godwin. Honestly it’s just the type of trade that is shouting hindsight of I should have known better than to do this.

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