Saquon Trade! Too much or Not enough

Trying to land a RB cause my team Rb is lacking.

Giving: Diggs, Cooks, singletary

Receiving: Saquon

Rb: cmc, mostert, singletary, Sanders, Jackson
WR: juju, sanders, cooks, diggs, Boyd, McLaurin, Agholor.
TE: Andrews Waller

I think its a reasonable trade IMO but personally I’d do something more along the lines of Diggs, Boyd and Singletary. Yes, Boyd is having a good start but ultimately when Green returns, he will see a reduction in targets plus Ross is playing really well. Getting a guy like Saquon can totally change your team. Maybe offer a little lower than discussed above and make those 3 your top offer if it comes to that. Good luck!

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There is no way I would give you Barkley for those 3. Minnesota barely throws the ball, there are 3 really good receivers in LA, and Singletary has a soft tissue injury. If you can get the other person on board, you will win this trade.

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Agree with above. Start with something like Diggs, McLaurin and Singletary and see if you can work toward Diggs, Boyd and Singletary. But be prepared for them to want an absolute king’s ransom for Saquon, so you might not be able to get him

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I had a feeling that it was too low, and I’m not trying rob them want to do a fair trade. So I will definitely switch the offer around!

I would send it and see what they do. Maybe they counter and you have an answer. I have a feeling the counter would involve CMC.