Saquon Trade Value

What should the trade value be for Saquon? Saquon owner needs depth and my team is off to a 3-0 start so I’m better set up to store him on my bench for the 4-8 weeks he’s out.

I just traded Thielen and M. Sanders for Landry and Barkley. I have McCaffrey so when he’s back my team will be dangerous.

Who are the players on your team you’re willing to trade and what needs does he have (RB/WR?)

I’m in a similar situation. The trade on the table right now is Barkley and Waller for Jones Jr, Conner, and Hock. I have Kamara, too (keeper league). Also riding the Eckler wave and have Miles Sanders and Chris Carson…so pretty loaded at RB. Only weak position is TE

Redraft or dynasty?

Redraft. 1 keeper each year

I’d try to switch Carson for Connor and see if he bites. But I like the trade. Waller is amazing right now and Connor or Carson with Marvin Jones seems good to me too especially bc you’re good at RB.