Saquon trade?!?

I trade away Saquon

Receive JuJu, Lev Bell, and A Peterson

No. Unless you have intel that Lev Bell is coming back this week, you are picking up a decent receiver, a bench clogger and RB that is likely to break down in return for a top 3 guy.

I agree with CrimsonWill. JuJu is great, but LevBell could potentially not play until week 12, and AP is sitting on borrowed time. Saquon is script proof right now, and his value is way too high.

What if I counter and try to get just lev bell and Kareem hunt for Saquon ?
I feel like lev bell could be a league winner but Saquon could be too ha

Counter with that for sure, but if I were in the other owner’s shoes I wouldn’t take it. Kareem has been on par with Saquon so a 1 for 1 there (Kareen has arguably been better the last few weeks), but then you are also giving up the potential should Levbell come back and be useful before the end of the season.