Saquon Update

Hey #footclan,

I still have Saquon but am trending in the right direction. I am 5-2 with a good squad (see below, if you’d like). For those who were involved in a Saquon trade, what was the trade and what week did it take place in? I am still trying to decide if I should really go for the win now or wait and just see what I can do without Saquon. Thanks everyone!

Starters: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX
J. Allen
S. Darnold

D. Cook
M. Sanders
D. Henderson
J. Jackson
D. Harris
A. Mattison
B. Scott

K. Allen
C. Ridley
D. Moore
AJ Brown
D. Chark
Hollywood Brown

T. Kelce
H. Henry
O. Howard

wow, great team!

guess you could win the title with your current team and holding saquon for be even better with him next year.

otherwise you could increase your chances for the title this year by offering saquon to a rebuilding-team if you get maybe an rb1 + rb2/wr2 for this season or something like that.

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Looking at your team, I’d play to win this year. Put Saquon on the trade block. See what kind of offers you can get. Try to package him for another top RB1 or mid RB1 + WR2/3 and add depth to protect against injuries going into the playoff run. Maybe look at Josh Robinson as a mid RB1 or check the pulse on the Ekeler and Chubb owners and see if you can get a top RB1 who is slated to return this season and help your team down the stretch.