Saquon vs. Gordon vs. kamara

Out of these 3 who are you taking in a standard league and why?

Saquon > Gordon > Kamara. I’d understand Gordon over Saquon, but that’s where I’d draw the line. The main differentiator between the first two and Kamara is a guaranteed workhorse workload. It’s the most valuable thing in fantasy, and it’s exceedingly rare.

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How does Fournette compare here? FF Ballers rank Gordon and Fournette tied at 5, over Kamara and Saquon, so I don’t think it’s so crazy. Also Fournette missed 3 games last year, but if he played all games, based on points per game, he would’ve outscored Kamara, so if Fournette is healthy he’s top 5 floor in my opinion.

I have him behind Barkley and Kamara. I want guys who don’t have to come off the field. Big guys with bad feet also scary me.

What do you mean come off the field? Isn’t Fournette a 3-down back? And what do you mean by bad feet, like he has a bad injury history?

No, he definitely is not a 3 down back. He’s a competent receiver, but Yeldon is the 3rd down guy. And yes, he has a history of foot and ankle issues. Nothing super serious, it’s just another point against him that makes me want the other guys more.

Fair enough

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In addition to the foot issues, and the fact that he comes out in passing situations, Fournette’s running style also makes him a candidate for a shortened career. It’s cool to want to run through guys instead of around them, but if he doesn’t change that, he’ll spend more time in the tub this year than he did last year.

I also rank the three you asked about with a slight edge to Saquon over Gordon and the two of them with a slightly bigger edge over Kamara.

Saquon and Melly Gordo have those backfields all to themselves and don’t have to be unprecedentedly efficient in order to put up elite numbers like Kamara did last year. regression seems inevitable for him.

Saquon for me. I have been saying it all along, I think Ekler is going to be a problem for Gordon’s touches. I also think he is a more gifted runner than Gordon as well. Barring injury, Ekler digs out 600-700 all purpose yards this year.

So it’s easy for me Saquon, Kamara, then Gordon.

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Ekler is an afterthought, and if you’re say he’s a more gifted runner (as opposed to Saqoun being the more gifted runner), them you’re flat out wrong. It’s not even close.

I did not say Ekler was a more gifted runner than Saquon, if you reread what I typed you’ll see that. He’s not even on the same team as Saquon so I don’t know how you could even come to the conclusion that is what I meant. I think he will push into Gordon’s playing time more than he did even during limited usage last year. I don’t see Gordon as a stud as most do, he has been the #1 by default due to injuries to the other options they have had. Sub 4.0 averages through his career are indicative of this, whether the o-line is healthy or not. He does not have blazing speed, and it’s rather frustrating watching him run into the backs of his own O-line. If Ekler stays healthy, I think it’s quite possible a lot of people are going to be disappointed with Gordon’s production as a first round take.

I ended up going with saquon. If nothing else he will be really fun to watch

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That’s not the conclusion i came to. You mentioned two RBs (Barkley and Ekler) other than Gordon and then where unspecific as to which you thought was a better runner than Gordon. I figured you meant Ekler, but since that’s a scorchingly hot take, I figured I’d give the more charitable interpretation that you may have meant Barkley is a better runner.

Now that I know for sure that you meant Ekler is a better runner than Gordon, I’ll way it again. They aren’t close. The YPC argument holds very little water because YPC is an incredibly noisy (the the point of being essentially useless) statistic. But don’t take my word for it. See the below. Chris is one of the best, hardest working, balanced and critical experts in the industry. I’d highly recommend both his YouTube channel and podcast. He has Gordon as #7 RB and #8 overall, and gives you the reasons why. For what it’s worth, his conclusions (which come from watching every snap he’s ever taken, multiple times) matches mine very closely.

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It’s obvious that you and I have different takes, and I am willing to accept that. I guess at this point we can only see how the season plays out. Saquon, in my opinion, will be a beast this year–barring injury. I think Gordon’s status as a number 1, or even number two, could be in jeopardy this year. Don’t forget, one of Gordon’s banes during his first season was a simple guy named Danny Woodhead. If the Chargers have a guy that possess a bit more talent than Woody it’s going to be problematic for Gordon owners. That guy is Ekeler. Let’s see how it plays out.

To be clear, I’d take Barkley over Gordon too. I’d also argue that Ekler isn’t more talented than Woodhead.

Gordon is my favorite, but Barkley and Kamara are going over him. I like the idea of getting Kamara, riding the Ingram suspension and then seeing if I can trade rape someone.

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