Saquon worries

Does anyone else notice Saquon not running the same last two weeks? Last week I noticed it…he just looked scared to hit a hole…but with this game against the Jets it looks so clear…he won’t hit a hole, he runs to behind a lineman and just falls. Anyone else notice this?? Idk if he is scared, still hurt, or what it is. Should I be concerned?? Should I sell him while he still has a lot of value?? What do you think?

I’m going to try to package trade him for someone like Kamara, AJones, jacobs, Henry. I think if owners like us keep him he will end up sabotaging your team. He still has a bye too. Not sure how many would be willing to buy with his by this coming week. Probably would have to be a winning team

I tried to buy him when he was out the first time around and the Barkley owner wanted my first born as part of the trade.

I’m glad he made him so expensive, otherwise I’d be stuck w whatever his problem is.

Dump and run in my opinion.

I’m in the same boat. A guy in my league really wants Saquon. He has Chubb and Henry. Who would be the better back ROS? I am thinking about trying to get one of those RBs and Chark for Saquon and Gallman. Thoughts?

QB - Wilson
RB - Barkley, Gordon, Murray, McCoy, Gallman, Mattison
WR - Lockett, Thielen, Fitz, Pascal, Beasley, Woods
TW - Hooper