Saquon's worth

I am in a 10 team dynasty league. 2 WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1QB and a RB/TE/WR Flex. My team consists of the following key pieces:
A. Jones
A. Cooper
C. Godwin
D. Adams
D. Waller
J. Cook
A. Rodgers
C. Wentz

The rest of the team are works in progress. I’ve been offered the following for Saquon.

2020 - 1.01
2021 - First Rounder (the team i am trading with is just awful which could lead to a top 5 pick next year
Calvin Ridley
Jordan Howard

The trade will let me improve my bench but i am concerned that 1.01 is just not strong enough to replace Saquon in the long run. Thoughts?

I’m new to dynasty, so my opinion and judgement may be… not the best, but I think that would be a little underwhelming as a return for Saquon. I would want an RB better than Jordan Howard.

That said, I don’t think I would want to trade Saquon at all. I like your roster a lot and think, depending on what rookie draft picks you have and who else is on your roster, you might not need to trade Saquon for the depth.