Saturday Game important consideration

Hey Folks,

A. Remember to check the status of your Saturday players.

B. Sutton, Curtis Samuels, or Kenny G as the WR2?

Denzel Ward is apparently out, what do you figure that does for sutton? Does it bump him ahead of Samuels for potential?

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Good post buddy. Some may not realize there are Saturday games starting already. I didn’t realize it until I checked to see if I was gonna be able to get some of the Play Off games. (We’re poor people and don’t have cable or sattlelite. LOL…So not able to actually “watch” some of the games…like MNF. Have to just watch the score and text on FantasyCast from our league’s ESPN account.) :unamused:

So…great head’s up!!! :+1:

Samuels all they way

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Thats what i was figuring.
Thanks for confirmation

@llc look into XCMB Box that’s what I have i CANCELED my cable a year ago best 100$ ever spent! I get all the games… I get everything! Lol

WOW cool. TY my friend. Will definitely have to check it out!!!