Saturday Night: Titans vs. Washington

Man, I wish I had this defense playing for me.

uhhhh, I’m slowly taking that back.

Play the Titans they said, they’re one of the top options this week they said… hoping they adjust and make some plays and stop conceeding after the half!

I feel like this year has been more hit and miss than usual for being able to spot a big DST, player performance/dud. Last year I swear it was a lot easier!

Mariota is he out for the game? That won’t help things either…

It’s true. I picked up Eagles D around week 6 last year and stuck with them all year long.
I’ve been streaming all year. Three weeks was the longest I ever stuck with 1. I feel like the only 1 this year was Chicago.

Oof, Titans will pick it up!

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They haven’t announced anything yet.

Titans don’t look up for this, really need Melvin to have a good game to offset the likely 2-4 points from the Titans DST

You have Keenan too, right?

This Redskins D is jacking up my Henry super lead.

Yup Keenan too, waiting on final news on him.
Titans D has pooped in their big boy pants, off to a poor start.

Still not sure if I should play Anderson and Alshon and sit Allen! I’ve got Gordon and Badgley in tonight as well so need good games from them or I’ll be in a small hole

Spent way too much time trying to pick a kicker this week too. Just went with ECR in the end hope it pays off

whoa, couple picks and a TD. Not shabby!

That last play what a swing from a very average scoring week to probably a top week! Very pleased they came through after a shaky start