Savage over Cousins, Stafford or Wentz?

Lost Wonder Boy Watson. Have Cousins as back up, another owner swooped Savage and will just give him to me. Have two trade proposals out for Stafford and Wentz. Trading away Alshon and maybe one other. Needs the guidance footclan :+1:

Wentz 100% if you can get him. Even with tough matchup against Denver, think longterm.

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Yeah Wentz if you can get him, Stafford if cheap otherwise I would roll with cousins…Savage is not good…that offense is going to be COMPLETELY different with him running it

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Cool. Wentz it is. He’s only interested in my RBs. Howard or Freeman. Other option of course is to just roll with Cousins and tough it out til next week. I don’t think it’s worth it.